Set your budget / Week

From: $30.00 / week

Set your budget / Week

This is a weekly order, no need to re-order – We will supply your box each week.

You can make minor changes prior to delivery by text, email, comment or phone.

You can pause and restart weekly delivery at any time.

If the amount for your budget is not available at the moment let me know and I will add it.

(fortnightly here)

From: $30.00 / week


Set your budget / Week

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You have a weekly budget, Set it for me, let me know what you want and I will fit it in your budget.

To Make changes you can do whatever suits you best.

Reply to the latest post on the Blog. or Facebook.

text or call me on 0407881801 or email

Additional information

Number of Vegetables

Number of Fruits

Surprise Fruit or Veg


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