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  • Dutch Sausage Hot Pot

    This may not look really enticing but the taste is lovely. We have some Dutch friends and this was always one of our favorites when we used to go for dinner. It is a cheap and cheerful meal but the kids ate everything last night not leaving a scrap. I made it earlier in the […]

  • Nicoise Salad

    This salad I used to make at the Hilton in Adelaide as a first year apprentice, I have not made this for years but the other night needed something for dinner using eggs. The kids loved it and the adults as well. You can easily use fresh tuna for this but the kids do love […]

  • Plum Tarte tatin

    This Recipe I would hate to think how many times I made this when I worked for the French Consulate and not to mention how many times at home because it’s a fast last minute dessert when you invite someone over for a last minute dinner or afternoon tea. The lady of the house liked […]

  • Cherry Tomato Broccollini Spaghetti

    We have had an abundance of little tomatoes in our garden so I put them in our spaghetti for dinner the other night, the kids were very excited, they love spaghetti and cherry tomatoes, for them a match made in heaven. Ingredients 200gm Bacon 50gm Butter 1 red onion, finely sliced 1 clove garlic 1 […]

  • Lasagna

    The boy’s favourite I always make 2kg of mince and make more than one Lasagna or make it as pasta sauce. My theory is I’m already making it so whether I make 500gm or 2 kg it really takes the same amount of time and I have another meal of two for later.  For Meat […]

  • Choc Orange Melting Moments

    Seriously Yummy!  Ingredients 450gm Butter 8 Tbsp Icing Sugar 1 orange zested 8 Tbsp Corn flour 1 ¾ Cups Plain Flour ¼ cup Cocoa Method Cream butter, orange zest and icing sugar together in a mixing bowl until pale, add sifted flours and cocoa, and mix until combined Make a ball of about 1 tsp […]

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  • In the Box from 22nd to 25th April

    Premium Small Fruit Veges Apples Pink Lady 1 0.75 1 Bananas Medium 4 3 6 Grapes Red 0.5 0.5 0.5 Kiwi Fruit 2 2 3 Mandarins 4 3 5 Oranges VALENCIA 2 Pears 2 2 4 Watermelon (6kg) 0.125 0.25 Beans Green 0.25 0.25 0.25 Beetroot Bunch 0.4 0.2 0.4 Broccolli 1 1 1 Carrots […]

  • We are back from holidays

    Hi everyone we return to deliveries from Tuesday. Place your orders for this week. See you soon Michael

  • What’s in the Box? 1st to 4th April

    Premium Small Fruit Veges Apples Royal Gala 1 0.75 1 kg Avocado 1 1 Bananas Medium 3 2 3 Grapes Red 0.5 0.5 kg Grapes Green 0.5 0.5 0.5 kg Kiwi Fruit 2 2 2 Lemons 1 1 1 1 Pears 3 2 3 Strawberries Medium 1 1 1 1 Watermelon (6kg) 0.25 Beans Green […]

  • In the Box this week. 25th to 28th of March

    Stone Fruit is coming to an end. Nectarines and Peaches will probably be not available from today if I cannot get nice ones. Melissa has also released all the Tomato Sauces, Tomato Chutneys will soon be available. Premium Small Fruit Veges Apples Gala 1 0.75 1 Avocado 1 1 Bananas Medium 3 2 3 Grapes […]

  • This Weeks Box, 18/03 to 21/03

    Premium Small Fruit Veges Apples Royal Gala 1 0.75 1 Bananas Medium 3 2 3 Grapes Red 0.5 0.5 0.5 Nectarines 3 2 3 Oranges JUICING 2 Pears 2 2 2 Strawberries Medium 1 1 Beans Green 0.25 0.15 0.25 Baby Spinach 0.2 0.15 0.2 Capsicum Green 1 1 Carrots 1 0.7 1 Cucumber Continental […]

  • In the Box 11th to 14th of March

    Beans are back to a great price, Grapes are still good. Pears have been good. This weeks recipe is a Nicoise salad Premium Small Fruit Veges Apples Royal Gala 1 0.75 1 kg Bananas Medium 3 2 3 Grapes Red 0.5 kg Grapes Green 0.5 0.5 0.5 kg Kiwi Fruit 2 2 Nectarines 3 2 […]