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  • Onion Bhaji

    This is a beautiful recipe to have with drinks before a meal or if you want something light. The batter can be used as a Tempura style batter also with a selection of vegetables to serve as a main dish. Try it with strips of Chicken Fish or Prawns.  Ingredients 750gm Onion, finely sliced Vegetable […]

  • Bougatsa

    I came across this recipe in a cook book I haven’t used for a long time, You may not have the filo in your fridge, but you will find it in the fridge section in the supermarket, It is much nicer than the frozen variety and easier to use. I think everyone has Semolina to […]

  • Vegetable and Bacon Soup

    Last night I had that lovely feeling of using everything in my fridge to get it ready for all the new veggies coming in today. I have listed the vegetable that I used but anything could be used even if you have brussell sprouts left cut them up and use some of those if they […]

  • Dutch Sausage Hot Pot

    This may not look really enticing but the taste is lovely. We have some Dutch friends and this was always one of our favorites when we used to go for dinner. It is a cheap and cheerful meal but the kids ate everything last night not leaving a scrap. I made it earlier in the […]

  • Nicoise Salad

    This salad I used to make at the Hilton in Adelaide as a first year apprentice, I have not made this for years but the other night needed something for dinner using eggs. The kids loved it and the adults as well. You can easily use fresh tuna for this but the kids do love […]

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  • Fruit and Vegetable boxes 29th July to 1st August

    Hi , this is what is coming in our Fruit and Vegetable boxes this week. please let me know any changes you may need or feel fre to place your own order. - Premium Mixed Box Apples Pink Lady 1 Avocado 1 Bananas Medium 4 Kiwi Fruit 2 Mandarins 5 Oranges NAVEL 2 Pears 3 Strawberries […]

  • In the Box 22nd to 25th July

    Corn is not good and very expensive.  - Large Apples Pink Lady 1 Avocado 1 Bananas Medium 4 Mandarins 5 Pears 3 Strawberries Medium 1 Broccolli 1 Brussel Sprouts 0.25 Capsicum Red 1 Carrots 1 Leek 1 Brown Onions 2 Parsnip 2 Potatoes White 1 Red Onions 1 Spinach BUNCH 1 Tomatoes Truss 3 Garlic […]

  • In the box 15th – 18th July

    - Large Small Fruit Veges Apples Pink Lady 1 0.75 1.25 – kg Avocado 1 1 1 – Bananas Medium 4 3 5 – Mandarins 5 3 5 – Oranges JUICING – - 5 – Oranges NAVEL 2 2 2 – Strawberries Medium 1 – 1 – Watermelon (6kg) – - 0.25 – Beans Green […]

  • In the Box, 8th July to 10th July

    Hi All, another school holiday week so we will be delivering on Thursday for all our Friday customers. This is what is coming in the Standard box if you need to make changes – Large Small Fruit Veges Apples Pink Lady 1 0.75 1.25 – kg Avocado 1 1 1 – Bananas Medium 4 3 […]

  • Friday delivery during school holidays moved to Thursday

    Hi all of my Friday delivery customers, please note your orders will arrive a day early during school holidays. we are hoping to have a weekend with the kids. many thanks Michael

  • In the Box, July 1st to 3rd

    - Large Small Fruit Veges Apples Pink Lady 1 0.75 1.25 – kg Avocado 1 1 1 – kg Bananas Medium 4 2 5 – Kiwi Fruit 2 2 3 – Mandarins 5 3 5 – Pears 3 2 3 – Pineapple – - 1 – Strawberries Medium 1 1 1 – Beans Green 0.25 […]